6V (The cooling fan gets its power supply from the built-in BEC) Dimensions / Weight. 43 x 36 x 33mm (w/ Fan) / 105g (w/ Wires & Fan) 33 x 28 x 31.5mm (w/ Fan) / 59g (w/ Wires, w/o Fan) Note: "T" indicates the limit value of motor turns when the ESC timing is set to 0 degree. The larger the timing, the more turns the motor needs. Similar to throttle punch here you want to try different settings and see what works best. This is usually in percentages 25%, 50%, 75% etc . higher end ESC’s have finer increments. 100% full breaks on a low grip surface will cause your car to loose traction and slide out of control. 100% full breaks on a high grip track can cause your car to ....

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